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Save Instagram videos & image directly from VidInsta


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Download Instagram videos, image easily with Vidinsta

Instructions for using Instagram Downloader

Step 1: First you need to go to Instagram and copy the link you want to download. For example, a photo link, or a video link.

Step 2: Go back to Vidinsta paste the link in the box and click the Download button.

Step 3: You wait a moment for the Vidinsta system to process and return the downloaded file to you. Select file and resolution you want download and click button Download

Reasons you should download Instagram videos and photos to your device

#1 Design ideas and learn from the best

Vidinsta supports you to download videos to your computer for free to come up with ideas for work, this is a very useful thing that content developers often do. From here you can analyze your competitors or learn from experts in your industry.

#2 Worry about photos or videos disappear after 24 hours

This is a solution to download and store on your computer if you are worried about the videos or photos disappearing after 24 hours. You just need to paste the link into our website, click download and you're done

#3 Don't want to take screenshots

Don't want to take screenshots? Do you want to directly save the file uploaded to Instagram to your device? The best solution is to use Vidinsta, the most useful download tool available today.

#4 No account needed

You do not need an account to still be able to download videos or images to your device, Vidinsta is a free tool

#5 Multi-language support

We continuously work long hours to be able to support all users in the world, providing technology solutions that help internet users. Help them to save memories between themselves, relatives and friends on computers, phones, tablets.

Q&A support

Is it safe to use Vidinsta?

Yes, it's very safe, we don't interfere with any information, all files are downloaded directly from Instagram 100%

Which file download is supported?

We let you download files in MP4 format, which is the world's most popular file format compatible with all devices

Is it possible to save content other than videos?

Of course, you can download photos, reels, IGTV too

Can I download videos from other users?

Vidinsta supports you to download videos from any Instagram user to your device.

Can I download it on my phone?

You can use it on your phone, tablet or computer.

Which browser supports downloading?

You can use all current browsers on the market such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, UC Browser...